Why Us?


MediSapiens is a Bio-IT company with extensive knowledge in biomedical science. We create need-driven Bio-IT solutions that allow powerful integration of biomedical big data combined with intelligent tools to access the data and turn it into actionable knowledge.

MediSapiens provides innovative Bio-IT solutions for turning genomic, biomedical and clinical data into scientific, medical, ethical and business value. We are on our way to becoming the globally leading provider of solutions to help our customers make novel products, services, discoveries and innovations for therapeutics, healthcare, biotech and diagnostics through world-class Bio-IT technology and know-how.

Our History

MediSapiens was founded in 2009 to offer scientist unrivalled look of unified gene expression data with IST Online. The goal of MediSapiens was, and has been, to facilitate easy yet powerful bioinformatics analysis through visual and easy solutions; and nowadays across all biomedical and clinical datatypes. Here are the short highlights of our amazing ride:

  • Founded in 2009 in Helsinki, Finland
  • Stable and growing company currently employing 25 employees
  • Company offices in Helsinki, Finland and Cambridge, USA
  • Turnover almost doubled each year after founding
  • Industry known management team and board members comprising biomedical scientists
  • Expert in biological information technology
  • Successfully provided multiple software solutions for Bio-IT infrastructure, tools and platforms for clinics, biobanks, biotech and pharma companies all around the world.


Our Mission

The amount of biomedical, clinical, and especially genomic data is increasing at a stunning pace and can no longer be effectively managed, not to mention interpreted, by solutions that are not really fit for the purpose. However, investments in data can be leveraged by powerful Bio-IT solutions to turn data into commercial, scientific, clinical and ethical value.

Our mission is to enable the efficient use of the vast amounts of biological and medical data for health, research and business innovations.

Our Expertise

MediSapiens has the experience!

  • The challenge of managing the clinical, genomic and other biological data requires both IT and biological knowledge. MediSapiens has extensive experience in Bio-IT solutions and can therefore provide the needed expertise to turn valuable data into products, services as well as scientific and medical breakthroughs.
  • The robust technology provided by MediSapiens has already been tested and used by pahrmaceutical, diagnostics and other life science companies and research institutions internationally. We have experience in successful management, analysis, and visualization of the clinical and genomic data from patient cohorts consisting of tens of thousands of samples.

MediSapiens can provide custom-made solutions rapidly and cost-effectively.

  • Our existing, already tested components can be easily used as the basis for your data system solution, and additional specific tools can be created as needed.

MediSapiens provides supporting data and services that go beyond standard solutions.

  • Being a leading Bio-IT company, we are staffed by scientists, with hundreds of scientific publications, who can understand customer challenges and together with professinal software architects provide truly scalable and solid solutions.

Our core technology

At MediSapiens, we have the capability to develop semi-tailored solutions based on our vast Bio-IT technology base – the Explorer™ Technology Platform. The Explorer™ Technology Platform comprises a large amount of ready-made, industry-tested and industry-used components, functionalities and modules. By using this background and combining the things you need – adding a layer of tailoring to meet your specific needs – we are able to deliver solutions very rapidly and cost-effectively. The Explorer™ Technology Platform enables us to develop, deliver and maintain robust, science-backed, purposeful, end-to-end Bio-IT solutions. The technology platform comprises a variety of components, functionalities and modules spanning modern database technologies, science-backed data processing technologies and intuitive we-based user interface technologies.

We combine this vast Bio-IT technology stack with strong expertise in bioinformatics and software development to meet and exceed those unique needs. Our expertise means also that we understand the biology behind the solution – and are often able to contribute much also on the scientific side as well. So, instead of getting expensive and complex IT, you get need driven Bio-IT solutions.


Our customers and collaborators

MediSapiens is proud to be a trusted supplier and partner for many commercial and non-commercial customers.