Other Bioinformatics Services

Dedicated Expertise to Help Your Research

If your goal is to get scientifically innovative results rapidly and cost-effectively, we’re here to help on the way. We are delighted to assist you in various different research projects, questions and hypotheses – flexibly on a project-by-project or a need-by-need basis. We are especially experienced in taking the lead on large data analysis projects, involving both study planning, development of new analysis algorithms as well as use of existing tools.

MediSapiens has combined tens of years of experience in cancer genetics, bioinformatics and other biological sciences, involving groundbreaking work in both fusion gene detection (Edgren et al.) and microarrya data analysis (Kilpinen et al., Kilpinen, Ojala et al.). And we’re able to throw on top our software development expertise in databases, data processing technologies and user interface development as well –  whatever is needed to be able to help you in your research and development needs.

Examples of services we offer:

  • Development of custom genetic/genomic analyses for customer data and public data of interest, e.g. TCGA
  • Custom analyses on very large datasets requiring large computational resources

If you have an idea, but perhaps lack the internal resources to push it forward, contact us – we’d be glad to discuss how we can help.


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