IST Online

IST Online, World's largest integrated genomics expression database!

IST is a versatile visualization and analysis platform to compare and examine the gene level expression data across a wide array of different tissues and diseases. We have imported over 20 000 different gene expression samples from 134 tissues, 281 cancers, 74 other diseases, 472 cell lines and normalized and unified all in one fully comparable and unified database. We have also created an easy-to-use web interface with rich analysis functionality to mine the data.

Intuitive visualization and analysis tools for genomics research!

Due to its easy and intuitive interface, biologists find IST Online a tool they can use routinely in their daily work. At the same time, bioinformatics teams appreciate the detailed analysis functionality and direct data access – allowing virtually any analysis and R function to be performed.

Free access for all users!

Best of all, we have released IST Online free for all users. Now you can check the basic expression information your genes of interest without any cost. Register free to use the filtering system to limit your searches, save gene lists for later use and use gene list –based visualizations. You can purchase the Premium access to use the unique Find Biomarkers tools to discover only those genes that differ based on your filtering criteria and use correlation tools to search for similarly and/or differently expressed genes.

Visit IST Online and see what new discoveries you can make today!