Data Curation Services

The quality of output is dependent on the quality of input.

An ocean of genomic, clinical and phenotypic data already exists, in many different formats and locations, and even more is generated each minute. Unfortunately, these data is seldom standardized and properly curated. This is a serious issue: to perform high-quality research, it is vital that the underlying data is unified, standardized and as complete as possible – that is, curated.

MediSapiens is an expert in biomedical data curation. To date, we have curated over 40 000 samples across over 100 different scientific studies and datasets, working with highly heterogenous data and curating them accurately into unified, consistent, valuable formats. We use our proprietary automated data curation tools and combine those with extensive domain knowledge and years of experience of manual data curation. Our data curation experts work daily on processing small and large data sets for our customers.

MediSapiens provides data curation services across a variety of types of biomedical data:

  •     Clinical and phenotypic data
  •     Using ontologies, such as SNOMED CT®, to standardize data representation
  •     Genomic and transcriptomic data
  •     Diagnostic and measurement data
  •     Standardization, unification and integration into a single database