Customer Case Highlights

MediSapiens is proud to be a trusted supplier and partner for many commercial and non-commercial customers.


Case Bayer Healthcare

MediSapiens is proud to be a trusted custom service partner to Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals (BHC). We have provided BHC platforms management and handling platform of their cell line and associated genomics data as well as an integrated system for large scale NGS genomics analysis and management. In continuation of those projects, MediSapiens and BHC are also developing Integrated Genomics Platform as a centralized storage, management, visualization and analysis of BHC´s genomics and clinical data.


Case MyDogDNA

MediSapiens has also delivered and maintains full, integrated sample managements, analysis and end user interface for Genoscoper for utilization in their service. is a service for consumers to genetically characterize their dogs and to test a dog for genetic traits and diseases. The system also supports easy functionalities to find perfect partners for breeding and producing healthy puppies.

"Starting a project requiring unique custom made BioIT solutions was a challenge, and finding a partner with the ability to visualize the data was a crucial part for the success. The flexibility MediSapiens is able to offer when starting a project from scratch has been one of the enablers for MyDogDNA to actualize the ground-breaking vision that originated the solution. MediSapiens differentiates itself from other BioIT service providers in its ability to create unique and innovative solutions to meet the precise needs of a customer, while committing to projects as a long-term partner instead of working as an external software provider."

Tuomas Poskiparta, Director of Genoscoper Laboratories



Case ARIAD Pharmaceuticals

Throughout several projects, Medisapiens has offered its Scientific and Data Services to ARIAD and is proud to be a long-standing partner of ARIAD.

"As the first quantitative biologist at ARIAD, I have have initiated and run large/complex research projects that can take a large computational team, but I have a small headcount.  Medisapiens has become a hugely important member of my team.  They are capable, and always deliver the product on time.  It doesn’t need to be something that is on a product list, working with MediSapiens allows me to design complex computational workflows that we don’t have the bandwidth for in house. I highly recommend Medisapiens!”

Justin R. Pritchard, Principal Scientist Experimental and Computational Biology, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc




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