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White Paper - Research Model Validation



White Paper - Patient Stratification Using Genomic Data



White Paper - Fusion Gene Detection



Scientific Case - Fusion Gene Detection



Press releases

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Press Release-US Expansion Sep-14


 Press Release-Remission Coach: A Revolutionary Clinical Trials Platform to be Launched This Year by ICAN and MediSapiens Jan-14


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 ESHG 2017 Cross-Species Genomics Explorer™ for disease mutation identification through cross-species analysis

 AACR 2017 MediSapiens Explorer Technology Platform

 EBW Vienna 2016 MediSapiens

 MGMS London 2016 MediSapiens

Pan-Cancer Analysis Of Fusion Gene Druggability And Neoantigen Potential

 Poster_AACR_NCI_EORTC_PanCancer Fusion Gene Identification(BOSTON)

 Poster_SLAS-2015_Biond Explorer

 Poster_AACR15_PanCancer Fusion Gene Identification (jointly with GSK)

 Poster Discovery On Target 2015 Fusion Gene Identification (jointly with GSK)


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 AACR 2017 MediSapiens Explorer Technology Platform brochure

 Festivals of Genomics 2017

 Europe Biobank Week 2016

Manuals and help

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 Explorer Platform Manual, 2015-06-09


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 Factsheet Explorer Platform For Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology

 Factsheet Explorer Platform for CROs

 Factsheet Explorer Platform for Biobanks and Biodata producers

 Factsheet Custom Bioinformatics Solutions