Genomic, Biomedical and Clinical Solutions
For Research

Manage you research data. Turn it into discoveries. Collaborate.

In an integrated platform.

Biomedical research is increasingly driven by massive amounts of data. During recent years, we have experienced an explosion in the generation of raw biomedical data. Especially within genomics, rapidly decreasing sequencing prices have resulted in the generation of vast amounts of genomic data. In the world of limited research budgets and limited availability of human resources, efficient Bio-IT solutions can help you drive your research forward faster and with new insights.

MediSapiens develops need-driven integrated platforms for:

  • Management of all heterogenous genomic, clinical, biomedical, diagnostic and measurement research data
  • Analytics for drug target and biomarker discovery
  • Analytics for drug target and biomarker selection and verification
  • Integrating all data into a unified database, accessible whenever, wherever from intuitive web-based user interfaces
  • Sharing data and results with your team, across teams and across organizations