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Leverage data. Share and collaborate. Explore, interpret and visualize. All in a single, comprehensive, integrated Solution.

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Big biomedical data is the future. The next discoveries in drug research, companion diagnostics and personalized medicine are driven by large datasets of clinical, medical, genomics and other omics data. However the biggest obstacle in accessing, utilizing and leveraging this data – that is, turning data into knowledge and value – is the lack of proper Bio-IT tools. MediSapiens develops integrated platforms for:

  • Management of all heterogenous research and development data (pre-clinical or clinical)
  • Analytics for drug target and biomarker discovery
  • Analytics for drug target and biomarker selection and verification
  • Integrating all data into a unified database, accessible whenever, wherever from intuitive web-based user interfaces
  • Sharing data and results with your team, across teams and across organizations

End-to-End Solutions, packed with Bio-IT, not just IT

MediSapiens provides integrated platforms for importing, storing, managing, sharing, analyzing and visualizing big biomedical data. MediSapiens platforms are true end-to-end solutions – combining database technologies, data processing technologies and intuitive web-based user interfaces with science-based data analysis and visualization tools. Always with the highest levels of data security.

We have developed and implemented solutions for many satisfied customers. And we don’t stop there, but we also host, maintain and support our systems based on the customer needs. Hosting options are:

  • Commercial cloud (e.g. Amazon Web Services Cloud)
  • Proprietary hosting by MediSapiens in Tier 3 server hall
  • Customer-hosted systems

Modules and Functionalities

We always operate on a need-driven basis – to ensure that the solution is a direct fit each customer’s specific needs. Examples of modules and functionalities we can offer in an integrated solution:

  • Comprehensive data curation and import tools (e.g. genomics, NGS, expression, methylation, clinical data, biomedical data)
  • Access to curated public reference databases within the system
  • Scalable and fast data storage and browsing
  • Quick and efficient data analysis (e.g. intelligent filters)
  • Powerful visualization tools (e.g. scatter plots, bar charts, survival plots, gene/target area visualization)
  • Data export in various formats
  • Data sharing between internal and external users and groups
  • Powerful and detailed access control fulfilling needed to handle confidential patient data
  • Highest level of data security solutions
  • Intuitive user interfaces empowering researchers to easily find, understand and interpret data