Genomic, Biomedical and Clinical Solutions
For Clinical, Healthcare & Personalized Medicine

Better use of data can mean better treatment and better outcomes.

We are each unique. Unique in our genomes and unique in ways we respond to medication and treatments. From clinical diagnostics of specific sequence variants to personal patient disease portals, personalized medicine includes all aspects of individualized and stratified approach to patient management decisions. Some call this data-driven medicine.

Here at MediSapiens we cater to all aspects of personalized medicine and support various initiatives to better use data in clinical decision support. We work with our clinical customers and collaborators to create powerful Bio-IT systems to:

  • Integrate relevant data-driven medicine, regardless of whether the data is genomic, clinical, phenotypic, diagnostic or other biomedical data
  • Analyze data with appropriate, scientifically backed methods to generate meaningful information
  • Identify relevant genetic alterations which may impact treatment decisions
  • Collect and analyze diagnostic data and drug response data
  • Deliver actionable information to the clinician, where it’s needed, when it’s needed

MediSapiens partners with clinical institutions and researchers to promote health

As a Bio-IT company, MediSapiens partners with clinical, healthcare and personalized medicine professionals with an ambition to promote health by effectively utilizing data for decision support and data-driven medicine – for the benefit of the patient. With MediSapiens personalized medicine solutions, your patient is the main focus.

Modules and Functionalities

MediSapiens uses its Explorer Technology Platform full of robust, industry-tested modules and components applicable for clinical, healthcare and personalized medicine Bio-IT development. These modules and functionalities include:

  • Scientifically solid analytics of genomic and genetic alterations: expression data, exome, RNA or whole-genome sequencing data
  • Data management and import through APIs
  • Flexible reporting options – meeting the purpose whether it is to deliver quick information for decision support or to explore data in a detailed manner
  • Powerful and detailed user access management
  • Intuitive user interfaces – both for powerful research as well as for delivering only the most important, actionable data to the clinician
  • Highest level of data security