Genomic, Biomedical and Clinical Solutions
For Biobanks & CROs


Added value to your samples. Added value to your customers. Added value to your business.

Managing your samples securely and efficiently is a good start. However, in the tightening competition among biobanks and CROs, what do you do to stand out and step up?

MediSapiens offers need-driven solutions to leverage the value of your samples and data – and help you serve your customers better than anyone else and gain competitive advantage. Our solutions help you do research, gain new knowledge and insight and make new discoveries – be the question then on your proprietary samples or your customers samples and data.

But it’s not enough. We know that in addition to sample collections and powerful research, it’s all about serving your customers. Sharing information, communicating and delivering results. Providing easy customer access to all phases and aspects of the customer-oriented work and your biosample collections. And using these capabilities in your marketing as the unique distinguishing factors.

Do research. Share and communicate. Deliver results. In an integrated platform.

Data distribution and access are keys to efficient data service and production. Large amounts of data do not mean anything unless you can deliver that to your customer in an easy and understandable way. This holds true especially to big data producers such as biobanks, contact research organizations or other biodata producers like sequencing centers. Irrespective of your type, your customers benefit best from your services not by delivery of massive amounts of obscure files or Excel sheets exchanged by emails, but from proper and intuitive data portals to the data, information and results you deliver.

And here we can help. With our scalable and flexible technology solutions you can store and manage your massive results datasets but you can also create different portals or user interfaces for your clients based on every need.

With MediSapiens solutions, you can greatly increase your customer base. With our existing technologies you can share and present any types of biological data you wish with ease customer data portals. Or you can use our solutions for internal data management, collaboration or marketing uses.

End-to-End Solutions, packed with Bio-IT, not just IT

MediSapiens provides integrated platforms for importing, storing, managing, sharing, analyzing and visualizing big biomedical data. MediSapiens platforms are true end-to-end solutions – combining database technologies, data processing technologies and intuitive web-based user interfaces with science-based data analysis and visualization tools. Always with the highest levels of data security.

We have developed and implemented solutions for many satisfied customers. And we don’t stop there, but we also host, maintain and support our systems based on the customer needs. Hosting options are:

  • Commercial cloud (e.g. Amazon Web Services Cloud)
  • Proprietary hosting by MediSapiens in Tier 3 server hall
  • Customer-hosted systems

Modules and Functionalities
We always operate on a need-driven basis – to ensure that the solution is a direct fit each customer’s specific needs. Examples of modules and functionalities we can offer in an integrated solution:

  • Comprehensive data curation and import tools (e.g. genomics, NGS, expression, methylation, clinical data, biomedical data)
  • Access to curated public reference databases within the system
  • Customer portals for efficient data and information sharing
  • Scalable and fast data storage and browsing
  • Powerful data analysis and visualization tools
  • Powerful and detailed user access management
  • Highest level of data security solutions
  • Intuitive user interfaces empowering you and your customers to easily find, understand and interpret data and the results you provide