Digitization of Bio-Business

Competitive advantage and increased value by digitization.

Powered by the Explorer™ Platform.

During recent years, many markets have been transformed by digitization. Companies that are able to leverage the use of rapidly increasing masses of data and turn this into a benefit for their companies and their customers have experienced rapid growth. Companies throughout the world have benefitted from digitizing their products, services or processes and are able to streamline their business and provide added value to their customers – resulting in improved user experience, greater customer satisfaction and increased business.

The same applies to life sciences, biological and biomedical businesses – Bio-Business in general. The ever increasing adoption of laboratory automation in general and e.g. next generation sequencing in particular means most biomedical results are already digital, and so should your business to stay competitive. Today’s customers and internal users expect modern solutions to help their daily work and get better results. Be it in data analytics, collaboration and sharing, data and result delivery – or simply, making your and your customer’s life easier – MediSapiens is the go-to partner in integrated Bio-IT solutions that help you gain competitive advantage – and stay on top in the future.

MediSapiens is your Bio-IT partner – not just a supplier

Our service is all-inclusive. We don’t just deliver the solutions, we support you from the beginning to the end and beyond. We are by your side from free initial assessment of your problem, to detailed specification work, to delivery of the system and all the way to maintenance, support and future developments. Our strong expert teams in biology, bioinformatics and software development ensure that we also understand the science behind your needs. We share the goal of helping you increase the value of your products, services or processes, and gain competitive advantage in competitive markets – and stay on top in the future, too.

Tailored solutions – rapidly and cost-effectively

To us, each customer is unique, and so are their needs. Our solutions are fast to develop and deploy, and very cost-effective. That’s because we use our existing technology base, the Explorer Platform, full of existing, industry tested modules, components and functionalities, based on which we can quickly tailor the solution to your specific needs.

Combining the Explorer Technology Platform with our in-depth understanding of the science of bioinformatics, biology and software development, we are able to deliver purposeful, end-to-end solutions to meet your unique needs and goals – working in close collaboration with you.

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