Data Analytics


At MediSapiens, we strongly believe that most published next generation sequencing and other high throughput profiling studies contain answers to many scientific questions not posed in the original studies. What’s more: by properly curating and integrating these data sets with each other, completely new questions in drug development and science can be answered.

MediSapiens’ unique expertise in data curation and bioinformatics algorithm development, coupled with our professional IT development team, can help to bring these benefits to you, from both public and your own proprietary data.

The Cancer Genome Atlas

The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project is one of the world’s largest cancer sequencing and profiling projects, having analyzed over 11.000 samples from more than 30 cancer types. At MediSapiens, we have not only fully curated and standardized these data into an integrated database, we have also used our proprietary bioinformatic algorithms to add completely new results to the existing data.

FusionSCOUT target reports

MediSapiens has developed a gold standard, highly specific, fusion gene detection pipeline and applied this to the analysis of over 8000 cancer and normal tissue samples from the TCGA project, creating the worlds largest dataset of fusion genes. Whether you are interested in a specific fusion across many cancer types or all gene fusions in a single one, FusionSCOUT target reports provide you that.

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FusionSCOUT pipeline

We are now happy to offer the FusionSCOUT pipeline for easy and cost effective analysis of your own samples, either as a service or licensing for in house use.

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TargetSCOUT offers you a detailed and visual snapshot on your genes of interest in MediSapiens curated TCGA cancer datasets. Whether you are considering starting a drug development project for a specific target, looking to expand the indications for a drug or e.g. considering the biomarker potential of a gene, TargetSCOUT reports help you make that decision by bringing together the relevant data in an easy to use format.

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IST Online

Based on MediSapiens’ extensive data curation and bioinformatics expertise, IST Online provides the world’s most comprehensive view of the human transcriptome, both in health and disease. It provides unique data analysis options and capabilities, giving you access to instant target and biomarker discovery in over 20.000 samples from 134 healthy tissues, >200 cancer types and much more.

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