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Sami Kilpinen, PhD, Co-Founder, CEO and Bioinformatician

Sami holds an M.Sc. degree in genetics from the University of Helsinki, with minors in microbiology, biochemistry, animal physiology and animal morphology. He completed his PhD in the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Helsinki, focusing on applied bioinformatics in cancer research. His thesis was used as a foundation in the forming of MediSapiens, and he is the co-founder of the company. He first held the position of CSO, and now holds the position of CEO. The scientific motivation behind his studies and research has always been in constructing foundations, models and theories from fragmented scientific observations and publications. The topic of his thesis focused on how to transform scattered know-how from hundreds of publications into a single integrated model for human transcriptome studies across different tissues and diseases. In addition to his research career, he was heavily involved in teaching almost all genetics lab courses and in forming the very first bioinformatics course at the Faculty of Biosciences. He has also teached programming in the Faculty of Medicine. In the business side, he has now over 6 years of experience in transforming and using bioinformatics into business across various sectors. During the recent years, he has increasingly focused on strategic work and building MediSapiens to a company that is able to take any challenge on this rapidly moving field.

He spends his free time with underwater hobbies like aquariums and scuba diving, or in nature, either photographing, hiking or gardening. A fair amount of his time goes also into the world of computing in various forms.

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Kalle Ojala, COO and Bioinformatician

Kalle is a bioinformatician with extensive experience working with research problems in multiple fields. He has worked in both academia and business for several years. He has numerous publications within the field of bioinformatics and is the inventor in two patent applications regarding the analysis of biological data.

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Henrik Edgren, PhD, CSO and Bioinformatician

Henrik is a bioinformatician with over a decade of experience in cancer research, most recently working on translating sequencing results in leukemia patient care. His educational background is in genetics, computer science and statistics. He obtained his PhD in cancer bioinformatics from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Helsinki, including ground braking work on fusion gene detection from RNA-sequencing data. He has previously worked at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland at the University of Helsinki, as well as VTT and Turun Yliopisto. He also has experience from numerous large international collaborations, such as EU projects.

Henrik is fascinated by the question of how to translate ever increasing amounts of data on cancer samples into patient care, as well as how to utilize genetic and transcriptomic data to discover new drug development targets. He spends his free time in various outdoor pursuits such as kayaking.

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Marko Kuisma, M.Sc. (Econ.), CCO

Marko has educational background both in biology and economics. He has a B.Sc. degree in biology from the University of Helsinki, focusing on microbiology and genetics and a M.Sc. degree in economics from Aalto University School of Economics, focusing on information and service management, finance and corporate law. He has previously worked as the Business Development Manager at Mobidiag Ltd, a company developing products for molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases. He has experience in the IVD and MDx markets, sales and marketing strategy and execution, business development and intellectual property rights. He has also worked in many collaborative projects, such as EU Framework Projects, spanning industry, academia and clinics.

He loves nature, photography and sports of various kinds.                                  

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Pooja Kumari, MBA, Head of Digital Marketing & Software Quality

Pooja is originally from India and has educational background both in IT and Business. She holds an MBA degree, adding a business touch to her degree in computer science. She is further pursuing her second MBA degree in Business Informatics from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Her international work experience is diverse and she has worked in multiple roles such as QA Specialist, Head of SW Testing and IT consultant across multiple industries in the past. She is a goal oriented professional, a quick-learner and a quick-mover, loves marketing and knows that customer is the king!  

She lives and breathes digital and believes in the power of the cultural diversity. In her free time, she loves to watch movies, play badminton, cooking and traveling.

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Swee Chong Wong, PhD, Solution Architect

Swee finished his Bachelor degree in Software Engineering in Malaysia, and came to Finland to pursue further knowledge. He completed his Master in Bioinformatics and obtained his PhD in Quantitative and Population Genetics from the University of Helsinki. Swee's expertise lies in the domain of next generation sequencing and genotyping technology and methods, as well as statistical genetic testing and phenotype association studies.

He likes and pratices a variety of hobbies, including boulder climbing, street workout, acrobatics, parkour and of course, computer gaming.

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Max Salmi, Solution Architect

Max has educational background in mathematics and software science from University of Helsinki and he’s dedicated to find solutions and constantly improve himself. He has previously worked as a project manager as well as a CTO of a software company developing solutions to medical imaging and radar applications. During his career Max has gathered vast knowledge and know-how of agile software development, team work and project management in public and private sectors, as well as experience of TEKES and European Union financing mechanisms. He has also acquired several years of solution sales experience of global B2B software business especially in US, Europe and South-Korea markets while assigned to various customer projects.

Max is an explorer who loves to travel and have wonderful experiences through his hobbies like bicycling, snowboarding, hiking and snorkelling. Max is a people and solution centric person in work as well in his free time.

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Juho Pietilänaho, M.Sc. (Econ. and Bus. Adm.), CFO

Juho is the CFO of Medisapiens through a financial services company Greenstep, where he is one of the partners. Before entering the world of startups, he worked at Nokia Corporation in several positions, latest as a responsible business controller for the sales and marketing development activities portfolio. Juho has helped numerous startups to raise funding and helped many entrepreneurs to improve the business performance in various industries. Juho holds an M.Sc. in Economics from Turku School of Economics.

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