Technology & Philosophy


Each customer is unique, and so are their needs

To us, each customer is unique, and so are their needs. That’s why we develop need-driven solutions, and work together with the customer from idea to implementation and all the way to support and maintenance. Instead of trying to implement a fixed solution to your processes (or worse, spending vast amounts of money in consultancy fees and internal development to implement that “fixed” solution), we deliver purposeful solutions that precisely meet and exceed your needs. In short – we know that your goals are unique and our way of working is designed to deliver you the best possible solution to help you reach your goals – nothing less.


Tailored solutions need not cost tons of money

Actually, quite the opposite. At MediSapiens, we have the capability to develop semi-tailored solutions based on our vast Bio-IT technology base – the Explorer Technology Platform. The Explorer Technology Platform comprises a large amount of ready-made, industry-tested and industry-used components, functionalities and modules. By using this background and combining the things you need – adding a layer of tailoring to meet your specific needs – we are able to deliver solutions very rapidly and cost-effectively.

We combine this vast Bio-IT technology stack with strong expertise in bioinformatics and software development to meet and exceed those unique needs. Our expertise means also that we understand the biology behind the solution – and are often able to contribute much also on the scientific side as well. So, instead of getting expensive and complex IT, you get need driven Bio-IT solutions.


Explorer™ Technology Platform - the core of our end-to-end solutions

The Explorer Technology Platform is at the core of our work, and enables us to develop, deliver and maintain robust, science-backed, purposeful, end-to-end Bio-IT solutions. The technology platform comprises a variety of components, functionalities and modules spanning modern database technologies, science-backed data processing technologies and intuitive web-based user interface technologies.