Need-driven Bio-IT – based on science and modern technologies

MediSapiens is a Bio-IT company, offering its technologies and services to build customer-specific Bio-IT solutions to meet their unique and specific needs and goals. We’re experts in bioinformatics, genetics and software development with tens of years of combined experience. We serve the market with:

We’re science-based

MediSapiens was founded in 2009 based on scientific research within bioinformatics. Everything started with IST Online: A unified gene expressions database full of curated, integrated and harmonised data to be used by scientists. Since its inception, the underlying goal of MediSapiens has been to facilitate the use of data by powerful bioinformatics analysis through visual, intuitive web-base user interfaces. This sentiment has enabled us to grow and expand our services and solutions across life science and biomedical businesses and research.

With the rapid increase in the utilization of bioinformatics and Bio-IT solutions in biomedical and genomic research and clinical healthcare, MediSapiens continues to develop new solutions to all aspects of biological sciences.

Our motivation is to facilitate the transformation of complex data into knowledge, partner with our customers in digitalizing biomedical products, service and processes, and to help turning discoveries into personalized, clinical solutions.

Our history

  • Founded in 2009 in Helsinki, Finland
  • Stable and growing company currently employing 25 employees
  • Company offices in Helsinki, Finland and Cambridge, USA
  • Turnover almost doubled each year after founding
  • Industry known management team and board members comprising biomedical scientists
  • Expert in biological information technology
  • Successfully provided multiple software solutions for Bio-IT infrastructure, tools and platforms for clinics, biobanks, biotech and pharma companies all around the world.

Explorer Technology Platform is our core

We develop need-driven, customer-specific solutions rapidly and cost-effectively by utilizing ready-made, industry-tested and industry-used components, functionalities and modules – the technology base we call the Explorer Technology Platform.

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